6 Stupid Things People Believe (Do you?)

Written by Joshua Carter on February 2nd, 2012
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Sometimes smart people do stupid things, so don’t fall for these stupid  myths

1.  "Doing weights will bulk me up."
Truth: Muscle is denser than fat and thus takes up less room, so two people who weigh the same can look much different if one has a higher ratio of lean muscle mass to fat.  Check out this example:  Same women, same weight…


See the difference?

Also, the ONLY way to ever bulk up, is to eat more calories than what you burn off…This makes you gain weight mostly as FAT!

2.  "I exercise every day, so I can eat whatever I want."
Truth: You can not out-exercise a bad diet, but you CAN out-eat your exercise. (even if it is the best workout in the world)

3. "It’s harder for women to lose weight than for men."
Truth: Well, biologically men are built with more lean muscle mass than women are–meaning HIS metabolism is working at a 5 to 10% higher rate when a couple is lying on the couch together. So while that may not be fair… it shouldn’t stop you from wanting to fit back in your favorite jeans!

You may or may not agree.. but when something is hard to do, then that is a beautiful thing… The harder something is, the less people will actually do it – which means the more unique you’ll be at the top :)

4.  "Eating fat will make me fat."
Truth:  1980 just called and wants it’s myth back. In fact, it was in the 80′s that the whole ‘fat-free’ craze started… ..and shortly after the this crazy phenomenon called ‘obesity’ became a nationwide problem. Just like with calories, fats are not created equal either. The topic of fats can get quite complicated but  you can do well  just by staying away from Trans fats & hydrogenated fats, but make sure to get your monounsaturated fats. You can get these from foods such as olives, nuts, and avocados. The closer it is to nature (less processes) the better.

5. "Eating at night will make me gain weight."
Truth: Cutting out nighttime snacking is a popular weight loss strategy because it feels logical–eat less when you’re less active. But really, what your weight all comes down to is how MUCH you eat…not WHEN you eat. The problem is that many people eat at night out of boredom or other emotions instead of hunger, and they wind up consuming WAY more calories than they need for the day–calories that are then stored as fat.

6.  "Weight gain and belly fat are unavoidable after 40."
Truth: It’s not like you’re going to wake up on your 40th bday and have an instant belly.. The principles of exercise & nutrition will always apply, and I know SO many people that are over 40 that are in SO MUCH better shape than people in their 20′s. And the one secret is… their mindset. Yes you may experience a slowing metabolism as you age, but on the flipside, you’re much wiser as you age as well. Use this to make those healthy decisions! – it’s never too late to become what you might have been.. so the number 40 is.. just a number if you ask me :)

As an example here is one of my favorite 40 something year olds…


Don’t let these myths hold you back.  When you are ready to change I am here to help.


PS:  Feel free to email or call me with any questions (anytime) 818-766-8888

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